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Since Gokudera has been messing around with his PCD to figure out how it works, he's made a quick welcome packet for anyone who might need it. The welcome packet currently includes the following.

notificazione.exe is Gokudera's first 'program'. It functions as a simple ISP tracker. As long as you have communicated with someone's PCD, you can add them to your notification list. The tracker pings the various PCD addresses the user has added once an hour (can be adjusted to two hours, five hours, one day, and one week) to make sure they are still on the network, so rather than waiting to find out from a housemate or neighbor that someone went home, you can tell right away. It has cleared out the error of going off when someone just turns theres off during the beta testing, however, since new versions of the same character get different PCDs, it WILL NOT alert when they come back on the network, and they will have to be re-added. Everyone must be added manually, though it can hold the whole network if you really want to be that efficient. The program also comes with a tutorial mode, and is self-extracting and self-installing when clicked on.

pong.exe it's pong. Pretty simple. You can play against someone else, or you can play against your own PCD. Much like the original, there's no endgame. It just keeps getting harder and faster. Still in beta, prone to bugs. Comes with a popup stating that on the first load and requests any bugs be reported to Gokudera.

README.txt A basic guide covering standard PCD functions in as close to layman's terms as Gokudera can come up with. Covers how to send texts, voice, and video messages, how to private lock a thread and how to use the navigation functions. He's included how to do these things on every model of PCD he's found, though he notes there could still be variations.

last updated 02.09.14
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